Top 5 Ways to Become Better at Clash of Clans

Clash of clans is one of the most popular online games which we can playin most of the platforms like iOS, android, windows. Inclash of theclans, the important part is to collect the gems and golds and to build the new village.

After building new village the player should name the village. The player can collect diamonds, gems, and gold and the player can use it for future defense. The great challenge while playing this game is the other players from outside can steal the player precious gems. By collecting more count of gems, one player can strengthen their clans and fight with the other players in the war.

The hacking of clash of clans will give the player more gems easily. Hacking of games will change the code of the software program. These programs are createdby the Supercell creation team in one well-known company.

Playing games in a wrong way is not good. If the legal team finds that the player is hacking, then the player account will be closed. Sometimes, some hacking tools in the market will not work properly. To manage all these problems we can go for easy ways to get coins. Here are 5 ways to get more gems in clash of clans and how the coc hack works.

  • Shields up
  • Learn the lay of the land
  • Pick the targets
  • Get raiding buddies
  • Punch the player weight in clan wars

Shields up

While playing the game, if a war starts getting attacked can suck, but if luckily 30% of the town is destroyed or town hall comes crumbling down, the player will have a 12-hour shield. If 90% of the player base is wiped out, the player will get an extra four hours. Here the player should not go out and start attacking right away so that will cancel out the player shield immediately.

The time is valuable so the player can use it as an advantage. The player should take some time to find out how the player can improve the economy, build up the player army, and upgrade towers.

The player should keep tabs on his shield timer. Once it expires the player will get some extra time where they can attack. But the other player cannot attack them. The duration for this village guard varies based on which league the player is in. It is asweet spot that is worth capitalizing on whenever the opportunity comes.

Learn the lay of the land

The main strategic of theclash of clans is to have many walls between the resources and outside as possible. To do this the player wants to make sure there are no gaps in the perimeter and there are no spawnable tiles within the base. The player wants to make sure that there are tight together so clans and other defensive structures can cover as many of them as possible.

Putting the buildings into small compartments which are formed by upgraded walls is vital to slowing an enemy’s advance.

Pick the targets

When finding opponents, there are only a few things the player want to take into account before start dropping troops. First thing is to look at their town hall level. The player will be getting a smaller cut of spoils. The player will get to see many resources available for plundering. At the very least the player wants to be able to earn back the resources then spend on troops.

Remember that the player has no direct control over the player troops. Smart players will create bases that funnel troops which can blunt the offensive very quickly.

Get raiding buddies

When the player maxed out the town hall level gone through the single player levels and rebuild the castle, there are probably pretty hardcore about the game and ready to start getting into organized can play.

Punch the player weight in clan wars

Attack unstarred villages first because the clan has the most gain from attacking them. If the player goes for easy ones then they are taking away good opponents for lower level allies, forcing them into battles they cannot win. Punch the player weight and the whole clan wins.

Now we conclude that we can use simple ways to win in the clash of clan’s game.

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